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    A new way to surf the net, a new way to discover.

    You will certainly be familiar with the finest buffalo mozzarella from Campania. No doubt you will be acquainted with the extraordinary beauty of Paestum. You probably heard that this is the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet. Maybe you also know that the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the largest one in Europe.
    But did you know that in Felitto some great fusilli pasta is produced, which the local women still make by hand, according to an old jealously guarded recipe? Did you know that Roscigno Vecchia is a mysterious abandoned village transformed into an open air museum? Did you know that there are some breathtaking views from Trentinara, also known as La Terrazza del Cilento?

    Cilento_Inside is a new portal, to show a Cilento like you've never seen it before. Its navigation system, based on geolocation and extremely intuitive, has been designed to highlight all the features of these territories, with particular attention to the hinterland, unfairly less known and valued.

    Enter Cilento_Inside, discover Cilento!
    Cilento_Inside is a Cilento Incoming project.